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"Billy" the elder called with a low but calm voice.

"Yes grand pa" replied the young man.

"Unfold your hands" said the elder, Billy unfolded while his eyes direct on the elder's face "look on your palm" then the elder added.

Billy tried to observe. He didn't see anything. At that time the man's eyes were on Billy's face to observe any kind of change which could happen.

Instead of positive change, the young man's face seemed be invaded by even more confusion.

"Can you see anything on your palm?" The elder broke the silence.

"No" said Billy, his answer being accompanied by shaking of the head left-right.

"Okay!" Said the elder. Then he allowed silence to sit between them.

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At this moment few changes were taking place on the young man's face, the elder could easily recognize them. Maybe the sense of hope the young man had on waiting what his grand pa was going to say.

Actually before that meeting, any person could read what was going on inside Billy through only his face. It had no sense of hope. The paleness of it's skin could be recognized by any person. All of those could be confirmed when the young man walked. It was easy for anyperson to recognize that his parts of mind were in the great war.

"Billy" called the elder after few minutes of silence. Billy noded to support the call of his grand pa.

"I've asked you about what is on your palm but you've answered me you have nothing" said the elder. His voice was calm and dry.

"Yes grand pa" Billy replied.

"You are correct" the elder added. Though it made Billy look more confused of the statement.

"What do you mean grand pa?" He asked

"My grand son, do you think you knew me the same day you were born?"

"Actually no"

"Did you know your father or even your mother the same day you were brought to the earth?"

"Mmmmh, actually no but how I came to know them I don't remember"

"Wow! That's great answer. And that is the meaning of you being called human being. Billy the good thing I want to tell you is that you are born again Christian. You have everything with you. Everything!" The elder remained silence as if he was thinking of something else. "If you go through the Bible, you can observe great things happening. The voice of God in old testament in many occasions provided instruction to people to do some things. Do you have your Bible?"

"Yes" Billy replied.

"Bring it please" Billy ran into his room and immediately came out with his Bible.

"Well, can you then turn to the book of Ezekiel 37:4 specifically" Billy turned to it very quickly.

"Can I read the verse?" Asked Billy

"Yes you can!"

Ezek.37.4 Again he said unto me, Prophesy upon these bones, and say unto them, O ye dry bones, hear the word of the LORD. (KJV)

"You can read from verse one on your own but today only I wanted to show what is with you. That's the voice of God telling Ezekiel to prophesy on the dry Borns when he was taken in spirit to the area with those dry Borns. You can observe what happened when Ezekiel obeyed on verse 7.

Ezek.37.7 So I prophesied as I was commanded: and as I prophesied, there was a noise, and behold a shaking, and the bones came together, bone to his bone. (KJV)

"If you go on reading you can see that, then Ezekiel prophesies for the breath at verse nine causing the whole life come into existence" at that time Billy seemed to be statled.

"You see my grand son? God has given you everything. What you need is to attentively hear his voice and accomplish what he instructs you. I feard when I heard that you wanted to commit suicide some few days back. I was actually scared, 'does this generation know God they serve?' that was my question always. But you know what? I came to discover that many people nowdays go to churches but they do not obtain the true knowledge of God. If you do not know the power of God inside you, you can not use it. Thus why initially I asked you if you knew your father or mother that same day you were born, it needs you to learn so that you can know them. This is the same thing going through in our church today. Many people have Jesus but they suffer with desease, poverty and many things. Absolutely lack of knowledge. Can you imagine? Which power drives the man of God to loose hope? To commit suicide? To cry that witches make trouble on him? A man of God?" The elder was speaking so boldly and emotionally. The voice was so high making Billy even come to fear. There was even no happiness on his face.

"Grand pa!" Said Billy after some moment of silence. "I apologize to God and men for that act of trying to commit suicide. Though I'm so thankful to him(God) because he restored my life. But the truth my grand pa, there are moments where we come to pass, no light, no hope. In this moments some we prefer to do our immediate decisions"

"God is good, my grandson. There is the great need to know him well, that will make you start delighting in his goodness. I've shown you one example on how the power of God is in you. In the book of Exodus God asks Moses

Exod.4.2 And the LORD said unto him, What is that in thine hand? And he said, A rod. (KJV)

In normal sense Moses saw the rod in his hand. But God used that to save israelites' lives.

There is no need to loose hope. What is needed is to ask God on anything coming before you. God can use anything that you see as small thing to accomplish his great purposes. But the very important thing to note is that, all those we are talking about the old testament. Nowdays you have Holy spirit in you! That is what you have in you. You have in your hand, you have in your mouth you have in your mind. Jesus was crucified and the blood was shed for you and the good thing, before he ascended to heaven he didn't leave you empty, he left you with the Holy spirit the one I'm talking about. Do you know the work of Holy spirit in you?"

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"He is the power of God in us" replied Billy.

"Yeah!, but also you can read the book of John 14:26

John.14.26 But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you. (KJV)

"So he is also a comforter?" Asked Billy

"Exactly, a teacher also. He came to sit inside us who have accepted Jesus Christ for the great works which Christ himself told us" the elder replied.

"But grand pa, there are moments where you pass through dark nights without any sense of hope. Many people look on you for the help but you are in suffering, you can't help them but sometimes at that moment God seems to be silent. Can you explain for me on that?" Billy asked

"Wow! Such a good question. I can see you understand what I'm teaching" said the elder then allowed himself to take some moments of more calmness.

"My grandson, the Bible says we are the light so you could not even talk of darkness because it has no power on you. Let's first put aside the moments when God seems to be silence, I think I'll explain many things to you in separate day on that but to note is that our God does not become silent on us" the elder allowed himself to take breath.

"These thoughts were so with me also many days back, but after knowing how God operates my confidence fired in me till now. I remember I read the different books which can also help you. Example PROPHECY by pastor Chris Oyakhilome, also BE A PEOPLE PERSON by John Maxwell where a good story of Antony DeMello is explained in a phrase

'Anthony DeMello saw a starving child shivering in the cold. Angrily he lifted his eyes to heaven and said, “God, how could you allow such suffering? Why don't you do something?” There was a long silence and then DeMello was startled when he heard the voice of God answer him, I certainly have done something—I made you.'" So I came to join this knowledge with those I read in Bible. Without asking God it was easy for DeMello to leave without knowing his purpose of meeting the boy. Can you remember? God commanded Ezekiel to prophesy, God commanded Moses to strike his rod on the rock for water to come!"

"Do you think he created you for nothing between the circumstance you met? Absolutely no! You were put there for the purpose. Just ask him how to use what he gave you!"

You were not created for nothing!

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